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Short Courses

This month we’d like to congratulate Claire Paterson, a Content Creator Apprentice from Hampshire County Council for achieving ‘Apprentice of the Month’.

Claire was nominated by her apprenticeship manager Trevor MacAlonan and her tutor Veronique Enright.

Trevor said: “This month, Claire has received a Hampshire County Council Special Recognition award, for going above and beyond in her duties. This feels like perfect timing to nominate Claire for LMP Education Apprentice of the Month award.

Claire was hired in March 2023 to undertake the vital role of administering to the apprenticeship programme and to enable the smooth flow of apprentices through the system. When Claire started we were also trying to recruit a temporary Project Coordinator to cover maternity leave, which despite multiple applications and interviews we were unable to do. It became increasingly obvious that although Claire had no prior experience and knowledge of all the rules and policies that govern apprenticeships, she is an incredibly diligent, adaptive and had the aptitude and potential to act up into that role. In a matter of three months Claire had progressed two pay grades into the Project Coordinator role. This was a substantial leap in duties and responsibilities which Claire responded to magnificently. At the same time Claire was offered the opportunity to enrol on the Content Creator apprenticeship. The skills Claire is developing as part of the apprenticeship are critical to support our digital transformation and the implementation of the new contact model.

Central to this nomination is how Claire managed to perform to such a high standard continuously, whilst learning about a job that was completely new to her. There have been a multitude of performance highlights that standout and are worthy of mentioning. Claire has never been coordinator, manager, and line manager of any sort, yet has stepped up and performed outstandingly, which included embracing line management responsibilities and training the new member of staff. Claire has been pivotal in the timely onboarding of 263 apprentices, as well as ensuring we meet the responsiveness and quality service expectations of our customers.

If I had to choose one standout performance highlight this year it would be Claire’s management and coordination of the final phase of the Chairman’s Apprenticeship Awards ceremony. The plan was never for Claire to be in position where she shouldered the pressure of delivering such a high-profile event, however, the unexpected need for me to have an operation resulted in Claire stepping up to lead the final leg of the awards. Although there were multiple contributors to the awards and a support network available, undoubtedly there is always a person leading and managing the process. Claire was that person, acting as the central figure coordinating people and resources to ensure we delivered a successful awards event. Quite often, this work was taking place behind the scenes and involved navigating complex event arrangements, communicating with a senior leader and stakeholder network, being highly attentive to the detail and needs of presenters and nominators/nominees, and coordinating a team of contributors which Claire did to an exceptionally high standard.”

Her tutor Veronique also added: “Claire is always working significantly above expected progress and produces superb projects meeting the criteria of the apprenticeship. When completing reviews with her manager, Trevor always praises Claire’s skills  and behaviour. Claire went the extra mile this month when she enthusiastically agreed to attend the Digital Marketing bootcamps session. She spoke eloquently about the benefits of apprenticeships and how to develop and re-purpose exquisite content. LMP’s IQA was very impressed.”

Well done Claire!

To become an apprentice or to find out more about apprenticeships please email apprenticeships@lmpeducation.org