Published by Andrew Wilding, Sales Account Manager for Inspire ATA Ltd.

So, you may have heard both the Prime-Minister and the Chancellor talk about “flexi-apprenticeships”. An effective way apprentices are able to work with multiple employers in one sector.

The advantage is you can commit to “hosting” an apprentice for a shorter period of time and not the full duration (usually 14+ months) of the apprenticeship programme.

Here at Inspire ATA (sister company to LMP), we have been offering “flexi-apprenticeships” very successfully through the ATA model for more than 5 years. Over the last 4 years I very proud to say that I have created hundreds of apprenticeships using the ATA model.

Our minimum duration is 7 months which means we place the apprentice at least twice, giving them at least 2 fantastic placement experiences within their apprenticeship.

At Inspire ATA we have a special government licence to be able to employ apprentices on behalf of other employers & we will commit to employing the apprentice for the full apprenticeship duration for 33 hours per week for a cost of £1,000 per month plus VAT.

To go ahead and book your apprentice you simply need to send me an email ( with the type of apprentice you would like, for example, Teaching Assistant, Office Administrator, IT Support, etc.

I am very passionate about social mobility and creating new apprenticeship opportunities for young people, whether it be for a full duration, or for a shorter duration using a “flexi-apprenticeship”. I can also talk to you about Traineeships, Kickstart and all the associated government incentives.