LMP Education is super excited to launch the new LMP Global Curriculum this month. This programme is our offer to support all apprentices with relevant topics that support personal and social development. 

Through the Global Curriculum we want to provide our learners with the opportunity to hear from motivational speakers, learn about important topics and support holistic development during their time with LMP Education. The content will assist you in navigating modern Britain both personally and professionally by covering areas of personal finance, boosting confidence and exploring physical and mental health and well-being. 

Guest speaker sessions 

Guest speaker Junior Ogunyemi – Entrepreneur 
Thursday 26 January 4.30pm – 5.30pm 
Online session via Zoom here https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_mS2wtPC8ShGdb7jzWYc6Gw 

Junior is an inspirational speaker that speaks from experience about leadership and purpose. He is a multi-award-winning business owner, author and now guest speaker.  

Junior chose to become a social entrepreneur because he believes they are pivotal to understanding and improving today’s society, in order to perhaps shape and influence a better tomorrow. He has appeared on TEDx and national TV. Now, he continues to travel around the world sharing his principles of success. His inspiring message is relevant to all age groups. 

By Tamara Priestman, LMP Education 
Monday 6th February, 1.00pm-2.00pm 
Online session via Zoom here https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_z83_KcW1Tuq1Ak0ksyU3Yg 

Find out how to keep your finances in check and educate yourself in the art of financial stability to cope with the rising cost of living. Discover the best ways to ensure that you either overcome debt or avoid it in the first place by never spending more than you make. Learn the 7 Essential Financial Skills!  

By Anita De Villiers, LMP Education 
Tuesday 7th February, 1.00pm-1.30pm 
Online session via Zoom here https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_iyJGZ2XvR3W5yNENDd2baQ 

In this session, we will be focussing on 5 key areas to help improve your wellbeing 

  • Connect with other people 
  • Be Physical Active 
  • Learn New Skills 
  • Give to others 
  • Mindfulness  

Guest speaker Adam Corbally, star of The Apprentice 
Tuesday 28th February, 4.30pm-5.30pm 
Online sessions via Zoom https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_NqgbpbLaS0OHimd2qXhFaQ 

Adam started speaking professionally back in 2012 after he reached the final in season 8 of the hit TV show “The Apprentice” and very soon after became a member of the professional speakers association. Adam’s keynote presentation focuses on his story: from leaving school at 16 without any qualifications to starting his first business after returning to education! 

For more information about LMP Global Curriculum please email info@lmpeducation.org