On Monday 4 October the news broke that Chancellor Rishi Sunak is set to extend cash incentives for hiring new apprentices as well as his flagship Kickstart scheme as part of a £500 million jobs support package. The incentive that granted organisations an extra £3000 for every apprentice ended on 31st September 2021 however Sunak will prolong the scheme by four months until the end of January. The same also going to Kickstart which provides jobs for people on universal credit, this was due to end in December but has been extended to January.

The initial scheme was a success with an apparent 85,000 people starting an Apprenticeship under the new incentives, for kickstarts there was also a big figure of 77,000 becoming a Kickstarter with more than double that amount being available showing there’s a massive market for young people to take part in this programme.

The incentives being continued are making sure ‘the economy is fit for the future’ which means providing the support and skills these young people need to for employment and later in life, the company’s willing to take on apprentices and kickstarters can give people these skills while benefiting from the multiple advantages that come with taking on a learner.

This £3000 being rewarded to organisations taking on apprentices is critical to company’s who may been impacted financially during lockdown. This however helps a company out giving them the funds to spend on things such as staff wages, Apprentice wages, travel, organisation costs, and anything else. At the same time, you are giving an apprentice an opportunity who will be dedicated and ready to learn.

The Kickstart incentives also being renewed can be a huge positive to company’s willing to benefit from this service, this service grants your company £1500 which can go towards setup costs, training and support. In addition to this the DWP will also fund 6 months’ worth of wages. At LMP we ask that the host employer supports the Kickstarter by developing their skills whilst giving them the right experience so they can find work after their placement.

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