Adam Wigley – Facilities Apprentice at Barclay Primary School
National Apprenticeship Week 2023 

Adam, who is 19 years old, recently became a Facilities Apprentice at Barclay Primary School. He decided to become an apprentice in order to obtain real work experience and acquire the necessary skills ls for his future career. Adam is employed by Inspire ATA, one of 30 flexi-job apprenticeship agencies in the UK. 

Here is Adam’s apprenticeship journey so far:-

“I decided to choose this apprenticeship programme because it is an area of work I am really interested in. I wanted to have a qualification and real skills that I can use as I go through life. By becoming an apprentice, I can earn an income whilst also developing skills and knowledge that I will be able to use personally and professionally in my life.  

The main benefits of this programme for me far have been the support and flexibility. Unlike a regular job where I am expected to be proficient in all areas from the start, being an apprentice enables me to build up skills gradually. I also get to learn in my own time, being able to complete tasks at my pace and not being forced to cram in knowledge during set hours like a typical education establishment. 

So far, the best part of my role has been getting hands on with site maintenance and taking on different responsibilities. As a site officer I am learning to become a jack of all trades, doing small bits of plumbing, carpentry and electrical work. 

The team at Inspire ATA are so supportive and very responsive to all my questions. They are always enthusiastic to help and do an excellent job at communicating with my line manager.  

This programme has helped me develop new skills such as creative and critical thinking skills, as well as professional communication skills. 

I am unsure of my next step after this programme, however I know that this will have granted me the skills and knowledge to further a career within property maintenance or will give me a foundation if I wanted to start a career in a similar industry.” 

If you would like to find out more about Apprenticeships and how they can work for you, please contact the Inspire ATA team or visit  

Adam Wigley male apprentice