Lauren Simms is a 35-year-old Teaching Assistant at Outwood Academy Adwick, Doncaster. She embarked on a Level 3 Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship with the hopes of her study and development enabling her skills further when supporting students

Lauren works with a variety of students with different individual needs and wanted to better equip herself to help the children she works so closely with. This is her story so far, from her own words:

“I have a small child and being able to make the most of the resources I have to hand each day, as well as speaking to my colleagues and being given time to study through the working day, allowed me to fully commit to the apprenticeship.

My apprenticeship programme is flexible. You can incorporate your apprenticeship into your day-to-day working life. and You have unlimited access to training, to help boost your knowledge and further support your apprenticeship as well as upskilling. You can use the skills you learn and put into practice immediately.

Working with students of all different backgrounds and being able to help them academically, help them socially, and emotionally, and help to improve their confidence is such a driver for my career, especially with being a part of the student’s whole school journey from year 7 through to year 11.

My tutor Scarlet went above and beyond to support me throughout my apprenticeship. She championed me the whole time, offering support, and words of encouragement, giving feedback, and returning calls/emails the same day. She also checked on my well-being throughout the course. My employer supported me throughout my apprenticeship, giving me additional time to shadow colleagues, complete training courses to further support my apprenticeship as well as giving me time to research key topics for my assignments. I was able to speak to colleagues to gain further insight and information. This also help to build relationships with Heads of departments.

I want to develop my role further at school, using the skills I have learned from the apprenticeship and applying them to my day-to-day work, taking on additional responsibilities, and applying for HLTA positions. Completing this apprenticeship has made me interested in teaching and wanting to explore further opportunities.”

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