We are thrilled to announce that Library, Information & Archive Services Assistant (LIAS) apprentice Taylor Peeters has achieved with distinction. 

She started the programme in December 2021 and has been based at Eden Park High School, where she has been working as a Library Assistant. 

Taylor, age 28, decided to undertake an apprenticeship because it suited her role and her career goals. She has been supported by her employer and LMP tutor Charlotte throughout the apprenticeship programme.  

Here is Taylor’s apprenticeship story 

‘My role has involved working alongside a chartered librarian who agreed that the apprenticeship scheme of work was comprehensive, and the qualification would open many doors for me. 

For me, the main benefit of this apprenticeship programme was that I was able to learn a huge amount without having to decrease my working hours. The programme taught me skills and knowledge that were perfectly tailored to my role and allowed me to show my employer my commitment to my continued development. 

The best thing about my role is that I get to share my love of reading with others. I work in a school library and supporting students in their journeys and supporting their growth is really rewarding.  

I received so much support throughout the programme both from my employer and my LMP tutor Charlotte. Throughout the programme, I had regular meetings with my tutor, and she was always happy to help me. My tutor was always very supportive and made the programme enjoyable and interesting. I discussed each assignment with my line manager, and we were able to talk about how everything I learnt during my workshops with my tutor was relevant to my role.  

The most important skill I have developed during my apprenticeship is confidence. During the programme I took on more and more responsibilities and had many ideas for innovation inspired by the workshops. Having confidence in my abilities encouraged me to volunteer for more responsibilities and the projects I undertook for the programme allowed me to demonstrate my developing skills to my employer.  

Now that I have completed my apprenticeship, I am excited to explore the possibilities of continuing my education in the archiving sector whilst also developing my career in libraries.’ 

Well done Taylor – keep up the great work. 

Find out more about the Library, Information & Archive Services Assistant (LIAS) apprenticeship available through LMP Education here or contact the team at LMP Education for more details – info@lmpeducation.org