Ella Frampton – Business Administration Apprentice at USP Steels 
National Apprenticeship Week 

Ella, age 18, is on a Business Administration apprenticeship programme and working at USP Steels in Dudley. She chose this apprenticeship to develop her skills and gain more experience in an office-based workplace.  

Here is Ella’s apprenticeship journey so far 

‘I started this apprenticeship last year and it has been a great experience so far. I was looking for an apprenticeship that would allow me to improve her skills and obtain experience in a professional setting. 

The key benefits of an apprenticeship are the ability to earn money while learning and acquiring workplace experience.  

The best thing I love about my job role is feeling confident in speaking to different people. Throughout my apprenticeship I have been supported in training by my team including Jack, Abbi and Doug. I have also received help and guidance from my LMP tutor and support team. 

I have learnt so many skills for life including improved communication skills, which has helped me be more confident in a variety of work and social situations.  

The next steps in my career would be carrying on improving my skills and knowledge in the business environment.” 

If you would like to find out more about Apprenticeship and how they can work for you please contact the LMP Apprenticeships team info@lmpeducation.org

Apprentice female with glasses