Jay Vyas – Digital Marketing Apprentice at Energy Saving Trust 
National Apprenticeship Week 2023  

Jay Vyas is 22 is on a Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship at the Energy Saving Trust in London. He has previously studied physics at university but decided this wasn’t for him, as he wasn’t enjoying the course. Jay chose an apprenticeship because it combines studying with experience and enabled him to get a head start with his peer group. 

Jay is supported by his Line Manager, Training Scheme Development Manager, Rachel Menary and LMP Education. He has a tailored learning plan and receives blended and remote teaching and learning through LMP Education. 

Here is Jay’s apprenticeship journey so far 

‘Hi, I am Jay and I have recently started an apprenticeship with Energy Saving Trust. One of the main benefits of being an apprentice is that you can gain work experience whilst studying, and both aspects complement each other. I think learning new concepts and being able to apply them within projects or tasks at work is important as it helps to strengthen my knowledge and skills.  

On this programme I am able to collaborate with experts in my field and apply what I have learnt to my studies to actual workplace tasks (and vice versa). I am currently doing courses as part of my apprenticeship which is helping me assist my colleagues and I’m learning first-hand about specialist topics that I can take back and include within my apprenticeship portfolio. 

I have been supported greatly by my colleagues at Energy Saving Trust as well as my LMP tutor, Veronique. Both parties have been amazing at welcoming me and making me feel like I belong here.   

I’ve developed many skills for life while being at my workplace, one of which is time management and organisation. My manager introduced me to project management tools which can also be used for personal use. I currently use ClickUp to monitor all the tasks, training and admin work I need to do for my Employer but also for the apprenticeship. Having structured days is important as it helps me not get too overwhelmed with work as I can see exactly what I need to do, its’ importance and when I need it done by.  

My communication skills have also benefitted greatly, I’m becoming more open with my colleagues during normal days because I’m meeting several new people every week and must step out of my comfort zone. All these developments have transferred over into my personal life as I’m able to be more confident with people outside of work, manage my time and be more organised outside of work. 

After my apprenticeship, I’m hoping to become a qualified marketing executive and apply the knowledge, skills and experience gained to help my progress in becoming a marketing expert.  

If you are interested in finding out more about the Apprenticeship opportunities available visit https://lmp-group.co.uk/apprenticeships/ or contact the Employer team info@lmpeducation.org to find out more. 

Jay Vyas male apprentice