Alfie Costello is currently undertaking a Level 4 School Business Professional training programme at Stanton Vale School in Long Eaton. Alfie decided on the apprenticeship route as it presented the opportunity for him to invest in his career within a school environment.

Here is Alfie’s apprenticeship journey so far

‘I chose this apprenticeship programme because it gave me the chance to elevate my service delivery to the highest standards possible. I can reach a real milestone in my career and this is pivotal for my continued growth and advancement.

The main benefits of an apprenticeship programme are multifaceted. Firstly, it provides a hands-on approach to learning, allowing individuals to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios. This practical application fosters a deeper understanding of the course material. Secondly, apprenticeships offer invaluable opportunities for skill development and honing expertise under the guidance of experienced professionals. Additionally, apprenticeships often facilitate networking and mentorship, enabling individuals to build connections within their industry. Overall, apprenticeship programmes bridge the gap between academic learning and practical experience, equipping participants with the skills and confidence needed for success in their chosen field.

The dynamic nature of my role is what I find most exhilarating. Each day presents new challenges, opportunities, and experiences. Embracing constant change keeps me engaged, adaptive, and always learning, which fuels my passion for what I do.

Kayleigh Skeates-Lodge is my LMP Tutor, and she has truly been exceptional. During moments of struggle throughout the course, Kayleigh consistently provided unwavering support and motivation. Her accessibility was unparalleled; I always felt assured that I could reach out to her, regardless of how trivial my concerns may have seemed. Kayleigh’s empathetic approach not only boosted my confidence but also instilled a sense of value in my efforts. I am immensely grateful for her guidance and encouragement. Thank you, Kayleigh, for everything you’ve done!

The most crucial skill I’ve learned is governance, which I initially believed I understood well but soon realised I had much to learn. Within the context of a school environment, governance plays a pivotal role, impacting various aspects of operations and decision-making. Through the course, I’ve delved deeper into governance principles, gaining insights and strategies that are essential for effective leadership and management within educational settings. Understanding governance not only enhances organizational efficiency but also ensures compliance, accountability, and transparency, all of which are paramount in fostering a thriving educational environment.

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