Julie Suddery–De Luca, 42, is a Level 3 Teaching Assistant (TA) apprentice at Beck Row Primary Academy in Suffolk. She thoroughly enjoys her role as a TA, helping children with their learning and goals. She has recently completed her programme with distinction and wants to advance onto the Level 4 Higher Level Teaching Assistant programme to further her skill.

Julie shares her apprenticeships journey here;

I chose this apprenticeship as colleague of mine was telling me about studying a  level 3 Teaching Assistant program so I looked into it and thought I would give it a try.

The main benefits of an apprenticeship program are to learn new skills while working in a primary school and gain experience in order to benefit children and try new things each day.

The best thing about my job is to help children learn to achieve their best goals and see how they progress through the year and encourage the children to try new things.

I have been supported on my learning journey by having amazing tutors and specialist tutors for English and Maths in order to be qualified to achieve my own goal of becoming a Teaching Assistant.

Also by having a great mentor and other teachers who I can talk to anytime to gain experience.

The LMP tutors are very helpful and you can call them anytime if you have any questions and they give you tips to help you along your journey.

By knowing core subjects like English and Maths, then you are able to go into any class and adapt the resources to fit with the children’s learning and needs based on their year group which helps to deliver the lesson.

My next step in my career is to progress to level 4 Teaching Assistant and to gain more experience of how teachers plan their lessons and timetables in order for me to cover lessons.

If you would like to find out more about Apprenticeship and how they can work for you please contact the LMP Apprenticeships team info@lmpeducation.org