This month we’d like to congratulate Asha, a Content Creator Apprentice from The ETF for achieving ‘Apprentice of the Month’.

Asha was nominated by her content editor Cal and line manager Charley, with support from her tutor Veronique.

“After only 6 months with us, she is already travelling across the country to support filming and take part in sector events.

She has excelled on complex tasks that span multiple duties in the occupational standard for her apprenticeship. In one standout project, she spent several weeks planning, arranging, recording, editing and contextualising a series of audio clips for two new courses. As part of this process, Asha had to conduct and lead interviews with colleagues in another team. Managers were not present during the interviews, so she had complete responsibility for the conversation. After this, she also learnt how to use a new piece of audio software from scratch so she could turn the recordings into usable media.

Recently, Asha also co-delivered a 2-hour training session for our editorial associates. They gave glowing feedback about her involvement.

Even though she is exceeding our expectations in many areas, Asha is always keen to improve. She requests written feedback on every task, which we are happy to provide, and she is proactive about identifying her own development needs.

Asha is a valued colleague and a worthy winner of LMP’s Apprentice of the Month Award!”

Cal & Charley, ETF

Well done Asha!

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