This month we are delighted to announce that the Apprentice of the Month for LMP Education is Sophie Glennon-Brown. Sophie is a Level 3 Early Years Educator apprentice at Oasis Watermead. She is an inspiring apprentice who, alongside putting in a stellar job, also manages the responsibilities of parenting and studying every weekend.

She was nominated for the award by her assessor, Rachel Ashford who said;

“Sophie is a dedicated and hardworking individual who successfully manages her responsibilities both at home and in her professional life. Despite having a demanding home life with her two children, Sophie consistently produces work of exceptionally high quality and consistently meets all deadlines. Her time log consistently demonstrates a strong dedication, as she consistently exceeds the expectations by accomplishing more off the job hours, than what is required. Sophie’s outstanding efficiency, impeccable organisation, and exceptional time management skills set her apart from others. She serves as an excellent role model for her peers, demonstrating a level of dedication and passion for Early Years that is truly admirable.

Furthermore, Sophie consistently completes all Anspear training courses ahead of schedule, showing her remarkable initiative and commitment. It is rare to encounter a learner who demonstrates such remarkable efficiency and unwavering dedication. In addition, Sophie’s assignments consistently exhibit exceptional writing skills, showcasing her impressive ability to balance her various responsibilities. Without a doubt, Sophie is truly a superstar in every sense of the word.”

Well done Sophie from everyone at LMP Education.

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