This month we’d like to congratulate Ainoha Emms Medina, a Teaching Assistant Apprentice from Chalkwell Hall Junior School for achieving ‘Apprentice of the Month’.

Ainoha was nominated by her colleague, Gwen Weir and her tutor Sharron Dunnings.

Gwen said: “Ainoha consistently goes above and beyond – developing resources to support key learning and carrying out study beyond the requirements of the course. They are an asset to our class and have a strongly positive impact on the children and their learning and wellbeing.

Ainoha is a worthy candidate for Apprentice of the month and deserves the honour.”

Her tutor Sharron also added: “Ainoha has been a shinning example of how you can strive for excellence and progress even with additional  needs. Ainoha has ADHD and Dyslexia and is also a single mother. However, even with this she is able to complete all her work on time, even going above and beyond to complete the next assignment to progress further in her course.

Ainoha has nothing but excellent feedback from the school and ensures she is supportive in all aspects of her role. In Review meetings her class teacher tells me, ‘she would not know what to do if she didn’t have Ainoha’.

Ainoha’s coursework and discussions show a wide range of knowledge, to which Quality team and identified as well. Ainoha deserves the recognition for her hard work and commitment while looking after 2 young children.”

Well done Ainoha!

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