Ben is 22 and has recently completed a Digital Marketer Level 3 programme through LMP Education.

He had previously been employed at Pinpoint Recruitment in Gateshead and along with his manager decided to embark on a training programme to further develop his content creation skills.

Throughout his apprenticeship Ben was supported by his manager Kerry and his LMP tutor Veronique at LMP Education.

Here is Ben’s apprenticeship journey;

‘I chose this programme to further improve my skills in terms of content creation and to learn more about the different aspects of digital marketing, for example, how to carry out audits and create a tailored campaign around the data collected.

The main benefits of this apprenticeship are the freedom and balance it gave me to complete work while being able to do my job effectively. It allowed me to learn as much as possible on the job as well as learning through online training.

The best thing about my role is having the freedom to create engaging and informative content with good visuals while effectively communicating the company message and brand.

Throughout the programme, my manager Kerry has allowed me to take an hour or two out of my day to attend virtual classes as well as work on my portfolio. The company has been fully supportive of me throughout the duration of my course.

My tutor, Veronique, supported me with my portfolio and gave me amazing feedback on what further things I could include. Whenever I needed Veronique or Kerry, they were always there to point me in the right direction.

The most important skill that I’ve learned was how to successfully create social media campaigns based on audits carried out on competitors as well as our own previous campaigns.

My next step is to further develop my skills learned in this course and eventually move to the city or even abroad to work for a company within the sports industry, which is something I’m passionate about.’

LMP tutor Veronique added ‘Ben has excellent communication skills, used a variety of tools and platforms, both in his summative portfolio and synoptic project, to achieve outstanding results. Ben showcased videos he narrated for his TikTok project and demonstrated considerable competence in his ability to implement campaigns across a plethora of platforms.

His Summative Portfolio also demonstrated that Ben excelled when using a variety of tools to achieve results, such as combining TikTok and Canva to improve the engagement of his selected organisation,  Pin Point Recruitment’s TikTok account.

Ben gave exceptional answers during his End Point Assessment interview, completed a visually immaculate synoptic project, which forms an important part of being an outstanding marketer, and achieved the highest Distinction grade at End Point Assessment.’

Well done Ben from everyone at LMP Education.

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