Abigail Jefcoate is a 24 year old Content Producer apprentice with FoxWylie, a specialist event production company in Peterborough. She has recently completed her level 3 programme with LMP Education with distinction. Abigail has a bright future ahead of her in the creative content industry, read her story here;

“I chose the Content Producer programme as my apprenticeship as it contained the desired skills and modules for my career path as a content creator. It included modules in industry awareness of the creative media sector, responding to a creative media brief, broadcast production and many more. The online teaching style suited my situation as I worked from home and the 1-to-1 tutor meetings made me feel like I would be supported throughout the duration of the programme.

The main benefit for me of the apprenticeship programme was the opportunity to learn while working. This allowed me to apply everything that I learnt in the course to real-life hands-on experience at work which enabled me to develop a much higher understanding of the course content while retaining it more effectively compared to the traditional method of learning in a classroom.

Another benefit is it teaches you important skills that will allow you to be successful in your job with a fundamental foundation of knowledge in the correct procedures, such as the laws and regulations, that you need to follow as a content producer. It not only teaches you practical skills but also professional and personal skills, for instance: time management, presentation, and communication skills.

The Content Producer apprenticeship allowed me to develop confidence by providing a constant support system through both my employer and the LMP tutor which gave me the space to practice my skills independently and ask for help when needed.

Finally, the apprenticeship provides you with a level 3 certificate and a professional portfolio that you have developed throughout the programme. These will help you both in your current job and any future career progression as they will make you a more attractive candidate to new employers.

The best part of my role is having the opportunities, within a creative environment, to work on a multitude of different projects allowing me to try out multiple different skills and programmes and client briefs. This enhanced my skills toolkit and allowed me to find the areas I excel most in which is graphic design using Illustrator and Photoshop tools. This experience has been invaluable to me. It has grown my confidence immensely and made me feel confident that I can create the work and be successful in this profession. It has enhanced my passion for the creative media sector and the sense of fulfilment I get when successfully producing work for clients.

I have had continuous support throughout my programme from both my LMP Tutor and my employer. My employer has allowed me the time to attend course meetings, learn independently and practice different skills while at work. They have given me the opportunity to take on different projects which has given me the creative freedom to learn while supporting me in the background through constant check-ins and calls when needed.

My LMP Tutor, Lucas Karemo, has been a great support mentor throughout my apprenticeship where he has provided me with essential learning resources and a safe environment to ask any questions which gave me more confidence to apply my skills while at work. He has acted as a great motivator for me through his inspiring teaching methods and his evident passion for the creative industry which has been installed in me.

The most important area I have developed is my confidence both in myself and in my knowledge and skills. This has been essential in allowing me to create the work that I have created as without the confidence I may not have taken on all the opportunities presented to me and allowed me to achieve a 100% mark on my apprenticeship assessment. The infinite number of possibilities that comes with creative work can sometimes feel overwhelming but having the confidence and the knowledge to trust your intuition and experiences will allow you to create high-quality work for your clients that you are proud of. If something does go wrong, then having the confidence to seek a solution is just as important while understanding all the laws and guidelines within the creative media industry.

A critical skill that I have developed, and I feel will be most valuable to me is my communication skills. This has not only helped me in developing strong client relationships through professional and informative communication but also through creative communication where I use my design skills to effectively tell a brand’s story to help reach their target audience and their campaign goals.

Since being on this apprenticeship I have received 2 promotions that have allowed me to take on more responsibilities and opportunities within my work which has helped me to grow my confidence and further apply the skills I have acquired. I want to continue this career progression in my current role as a graphic designer and account manager and hopefully manage my own client projects from start to finish. The level 3 certificate and portfolio I gained during the apprenticeship will help me in the future when seeking employment at a new company as it will help effectively portray the skills I have learnt and the work I have produced to future employers.”

If you would like to find out more about the Content Producer Apprenticeship at LMP Education please visit https://lmp-group.co.uk/courses/content-creator/ or email info@lmpeducation.org

Abigail Jefcoate