Mia is 19 and has recently completed a Digital Marketer Level 3 programme through Inspire ATA..

Her placement has been at The Campari Group and she has recently achieved distinction, securing a full position. Here is her story:

“When studying my A-Levels I always had a feeling university wasn’t the right path for me. I wanted to jump straight into a marketing career but didn’t quite know how. My sixth form suggested I look at apprenticeships, and that’s where I found the role of ‘Digital Marketer’. I’ve always been fascinated by the online marketing space, and the responsibilities that came with this role were something I felt passionate about. So, I continued looking for opportunities in my area, and found the perfect fit with Inspire ATA and Campari Group.

The practical experience you gain with an apprenticeship is something you’ll rarely find elsewhere in your education journey. I’ve skipped university and got a massive head start in my career – a benefit not many people get to experience!

I also appreciate the hybrid working style my company offered; 3 days at home and 2 days in the office. It enabled me to focus on my online training courses, portfolio projects, and preparing for my course’s exams with ease and comfortability.

The responsibility I have been given over the last year has been amazing. I feel trusted and appreciated with the work I do and feel like I’ve confidently integrated myself into the real working world. Most importantly, I’m progressing in a career I truly love! Every day I enjoy the work I’m doing!

The team I work with definitely makes my role 10x better. My manager was incredibly supportive, communicative, and challenged me to be the best I can in my role, encouraging me to develop existing skills as well as learn critical new ones. The marketing team were equally friendly and supportive, always making me feel welcome as the first apprentice in the company.

My tutor at Inspire/LMP Education has guided me through the apprenticeship course, always being of assistance and support when I had concerns or queries. This was an essential team member for helping me get to Gateway and completing my EPA!

Before my apprenticeship, I struggled with presenting to groups of people, however being thrown in the deep end at Campari I’ve overcome this struggle and continuously developed my abilities to present workshops, digital insights, new strategies and more.

Additionally, my creativity has surged since being with Campari due to all the opportunities I’ve had to contribute new ideas. This was a skill I had previously, but I feel this has equally grown in the last year.

I have been promoted to Digital Marketing Executive in the same company – Campari Group! I am incredibly grateful and excited to carry on working with the team here and take on even bigger responsibility in my role. I will lead Website, CRM and Social management in the UK, and continue sharing my knowledge of the digital marketing world with the wider business.”

LMP Tutor Veronique added:

“Mia started her L3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship in August 2022.

During those 12 months, Mia constantly exceeded her manager’s and my expectations. Mia has outstanding communication, creative and logical skills as well as a passion for digital marketing.

She went above and beyond when preparing for the BCS Principles of Marketing and Principles of Coding exams and created a revision guide, sharing best practice with her fellow apprentices.

She used a plethora of tools and platforms to create outstanding assessment pieces for her summative portfolio, enabling her to achieve her Distinction result.

Mia gave exceptional answers during her End Point Assessment interview, completed a visually immaculate synoptic project, which forms an important part of being an outstanding marketer. Mia’s knowledge and competence are way above the expected level of an apprentice and,  as a result, she secured a promotion in her selected organisation, Campari Group.”

We wish Mia all the best at Campari, and well done from everyone at Inspire ATA and LMP!

If you are interested in finding out more about the Apprenticeship opportunities available visit https://lmp-group.co.uk/apprenticeships/