24 year old Hannah Swift, is an apprentice in Digital Marketing at SJ Dixon & Son an interiors company in Wolverhampton. She recently completed her apprenticeship with a distinction and was grateful that she was able to gain key knowledgeable insights from marketing specialists and study all the essential elements of the industry.

Read about Hannah’s experience as an apprentice in the marketing industry:

“Having just started a new marketing role, I felt this apprenticeship was the perfect opportunity to learn new skills relevant to the role and to benefit from the expertise of industry professionals. The new role involved launching and marketing two new websites for the company and looking after all associated marketing. Therefore the Digital Marketing apprenticeship role was the ideal choice.

The apprenticeship programme allows you to get valuable advice from professionals with years’ of experience in the industry. It also allows you to get first hand opinion from someone who has been where you are and, in the role, you are in.

What I enjoy most about my role is that there is always something new to learn and things are always changing, whether its social media trends or changes to Googles algorithms. It means no 2 days are the same and I can always be expanding my knowledge and skills.

My employer has been very supportive on this programme, always allowing me time away from my day-to-day duties to complete programme activities. My LMP tutor has also been very supportive and has always made himself available for any questions or queries I may have.

I think one of the most important skills I have learnt is understanding Google Analytics. I now use this daily to better understand my users and their activities. I can then use this understanding to apply my marketing strategies more effectively.

Now that I have the training and the experience, my next step in my career is to take on a more managerial position in marketing.

Hannah, Digital Marketing Apprentice

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