Kamran Hasnat, aged 20, is employed as a Digital Marketing Apprentice at The Bright Click, a dynamic marketing enterprise specialising in providing top-tier services to its diverse clients. He has always had a passion for digital marketing and wanted to expand his knowledge within this field. Gaining hands-on experience was a key reason for him choosing to start an apprenticeship.  

Here is Kamran’s apprenticeship journey so far; 

My primary motivation for choosing a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship was understanding the growth of online businesses, as they have always captivated my interest. My aspirations revolve around becoming a true expert in this field and the knowledge and skills I acquire through this programme will undoubtedly prove invaluable in the long term. 

There are many benefits of an apprenticeship and the main ones for me are the work experience and the knowledge, the program teaches you to be act professional in a work environment and how to carry out work to a professional level.  

I get to work with clients on supporting their marketing process. I enjoy working on these projects seeing the progress made gives me a sense of accomplishment. 

My employer has always given me time to balance my work and training. My LMP tutor Lucas has been great, he has helped me make progress and made me feel comfortable. I’ve learned lots of important skills such as professionalism when talking to clients and how to use different marketing tools. My next step in my career is to take on my new full-time role as an SEO executive and gain more experience/knowledge. 

Kamran has recently completed his Digital Marketer Level 3 programme with a distinction grade. Well done Kamran 

Find out more about the LMP Digital Marketer programme Digital Marketer – LMP (lmp-group.co.uk) 

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