Following many months of support and hard work from the leaner and the LMP Education employability team, we are pleased to share this very special learner journey. 

Abdirizak was searching for a Business Administration apprenticeship but was struggling with anxiety and low confidence. He was not getting any responses to his apprenticeship applications and felt he was unable to progress forward in building his career.  

The specialist employability team at LMP Education worked with Abdirizak to determine what he felt was stopping him from moving forward.  He stated that he needed to update and tailor his CV in line with the administration roles he was applying for.  

We went through his personal statement and matched his skills and qualities towards these roles. We also used job descriptions to build an idea of what employers were looking forward in candidates. This in turn built Abdirizak’s confidence in his abilities and in the opportunities available. 

During the employability sessions we also spent time identifying apprenticeships that Abdirizak was interested in. We went through the application process together and ensured that they were filled out to fully highlight Abdirizak’s skills and abilities.  

Abdirizak felt his confidence and focus was improving at this stage as he was becoming more comfortable with applications. He could see the progress he was making and was getting more responses back.  

Together we applied for 6 apprenticeships and Abdirizak got offered an interview for all 6 of these. He was confident and focused throughout the interviews and he was successful in gaining 2nd stage interviews with 4 of them. Furthermore, after the interviews he got offered 3 apprenticeship roles.  

Abdirizak accepted the role he felt was most suitable for him and started the apprenticeship with Maida Vale Medical Centre. He is fully focused on building his career and making the most of the opportunity he worked hard to gain.  

Well done Abdirizak, we are all very proud of you. 

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