KS came to us struggling with anxiety and low confidence. This was impacting on his search with apprenticeships as he was not getting any responses and felt he was just stuck. When KS came to us, we looked at what he felt was stopping him from moving forward with apprenticeships, he stated he felt that he struggled to identify suitable apprenticeships for himself and struggled when filling the application forms out.

We used this as the template for creating a plan to move KS forward. In the sessions we spent time identifying apprenticeships that KS was interested in, we then went through the application process together, we ensured that they were filled out to fully highlight his skills and abilities. KS felt his confidence was improving at this stage as he was becoming more comfortable finding apprenticeships and filling in the application forms.

The results of the time spent with KS was that he got interviews for 3 separate apprenticeship vacancies, he then got called back for second interviews with these and after a week, got offered all 3 separate apprenticeship vacancies. He accepted one of the three apprenticeships offered and has now started work. KS is really happy to be moving forward in his career and is looking forward to the future.