As Inspire ATA leads the way, changing traditional ways to encourage young talent across the UK. Discover a world of many apprenticeship opportunities with the collaboration of Active IQ.

Inspire ATA and Active IQ: Empowering Young People through Flexi-Job Apprenticeships

In a world where traditional apprenticeship models often face barriers and complexities, Inspire ATA has emerged as a trailblazer, transforming the landscape of apprenticeship opportunities across the UK. Through their innovative recruit, train, and deploy approach, Inspire ATA has been empowering young individuals to embark on their professional journeys, while also making the process as seamless as possible for organisations.

Helping to fuel their mission is a partnership with Active IQ. In a candid conversation with Giulia, the Head of Operations and Projects at Inspire ATA, we talked about the collaboration and how it has helped to open doors for countless aspiring apprentices across the nation.

Creating Employment Opportunities for Young People

Inspire ATA operates as one of three companies within its group, specializing in flexi job apprenticeship training. With the launch of the government’s register of Flexi-Job Apprenticeship Agencies, Inspire ATA became one of the 16 companies chosen for registration. This distinction allowed them to employ apprenticeships on behalf of other employers, offering a risk-free approach to apprenticeship placement. Currently, Inspire ATA hosts almost 200 apprentices, and their monthly progress reviews demonstrate their status as the best-performing flexi-job agency in the market.

The Journey: Recruitment, Onboarding, and Ongoing Support

Inspire ATA streamlines the recruitment process for both employers and young individuals seeking apprenticeship opportunities. Through their online platforms and government websites, Inspire ATA advertises apprenticeship positions across various sectors. Aspiring apprentices can easily search for and apply to these positions. Inspire ATA handles the entire application process, conducting screenings, interviews, and recruitment. Once shortlisted candidates are identified, they are introduced to host employers who make the final selection. All apprentices undergo thorough onboarding processes and receive ongoing support from Inspire ATA’s client success team.

Apprentice of the Month Award and Close Employer Contact

Inspire ATA maintains close contact with host employers, regularly assessing the progress and development of apprentices. Their dedicated approach involves collaborating with assessors and ensuring that apprentices receive the necessary support throughout their journey. Inspire ATA takes pride in supporting these exceptional young individuals and recognizing their achievements through the Apprentice of the Month award, which further motivates and empowers them.

Active IQ: A Preferred End-Point Assessment Organization

Inspire ATA’s collaboration with Active IQ as their preferred provider for end-point assessments (EPAs) has been instrumental in their success. Giulia acknowledges the challenges they faced with other EPAOs that did not meet their specific needs. However, Active IQ’s flexibility and willingness to work within fixed term contracts made them the ideal partner. The proactive approach of Active IQ in scheduling observations, especially in Early Years and Teaching Assistant roles, has proven invaluable in meeting contractual obligations and keeping clients satisfied. Active IQ has consistently supported Inspire ATA by accommodating portfolio-related challenges and ensuring successful EPA completion.

“There are a lot of logistics related to school holidays for EPAs in Early Years and Teaching Assistant roles,” said Giulia. “Active IQ is always proactive in booking these early and this, in turn, keeps clients happy. They’ve pulled some absolute blinders out of the bag supporting me when portfolios weren’t ready. They are amazingly accommodating, even under tough circumstances.”

Outcomes and Achievements

Inspire ATA’s partnership with Active IQ has resulted in remarkable achievements. Out of the 24 apprentices who completed their EPAs this year, 16 chose Active IQ as their preferred EPAO, with 10 achieving distinctions. The feedback from both the apprentices and Inspire ATA’s team has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the relaxed and supportive environment created by Active IQ. What’s more, in 2021, 90% of Inspire ATA’s apprentices transitioned to positive destinations including permanent employment or further education, underlining the company’s commitment to creating successful outcomes.

“We’re continuing to grow at a fast rate,” said Giulia. “Our team has doubled in size over the last year supporting close to 200 apprentices (vs. 100 last year). Our partnership with Active IQ has helped us achieve this growth and we are encouraging other providers to use Active IQ for their EPAs. Our overall goal is to grow sustainably and create as many opportunities for young people as possible, while encouraging organisations to discover the power of apprenticeships.”

Future Plans: Expanding Opportunities and Encouraging Apprenticeships

Inspire ATA aims to continue its growth trajectory as it emerges from the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Recognizing the need for increased support for young people, Inspire ATA plans to organize more recruitment days and a webinar series to help give guidance to young people and help them on their career journeys.

“There are so many routes to employment,” said Giulia. “Our goal is to help young people make informed decisions.”

Embrace the power of young talent and take your first step towards a professional career path with Inspire ATA’s support. Their transformative approach to apprenticeships, coupled with the collaboration with Active IQ, opens doors for aspiring individuals, making the journey to success more accessible and promising. Trust in Inspire ATA to guide you towards a bright and fulfilling future in your chosen field.