Jessica Slattery – Teaching Assistant Apprentice at Selwyn Primary School 
National Apprenticeship Week 

Jessica is a Teaching Assistant Apprentice at Selwyn Primary School in London. She decided to take the apprenticeship route rather than attending college as she believes it is the best way to start her career and still progress on to university.  

Jessica is employed by Inspire ATA, a leading apprenticeship agency registered on the DfE’s Flexi-Job Apprenticeship Agency Register (FJAAR). Her training is delivered by LMP Education, the UK’s leading specialist in teaching apprenticeships, and sister company to Inspire ATA, part of the LMP Group. 

Here is Jessica’s apprenticeship journey so far 

‘Hi, I am Jessica and I am a Teaching Assistant apprentice at Selwyn Primary School. This programme is giving me hands-on experience which is helping me develop professionally. I looked at many different apprenticeships organisations but after reading the ‘Rate My Apprenticeship’ reviews on Inspire ATA decided to go with them, and they are giving me the best experience and opportunities. The main benefits a Teaching Assistant apprenticeship are that I get to develop my knowledge by completing course work and learning on the job. Apprenticeships are the best way to learn when you know what job you want to do. For me, I knew I wanted to work with children in a school and dedided this programme was the best way to achieve this.  

I love my role as I get to support and help develop children of all abilities. It is my dream to work with children and I believe teachers are the key in their learning and development. I am passionate about my apprenticeship because I do hands-on work as well as develop my knowledge and skills. I also get the opportunity to build bonds with the children which is important for their development.  

I have been supported hugely by my tutor, Scarlet Lunn and Jules from Inspire ATA. At the beginning I was struggling with my time management however with their help i was able to get back on track and how I am ahead. Inspire ATA have given me lots of help and support every step of the way. During half terms, I have benefitted from additional support from the whole company by getting the opportunity to be a part of different training sessions. This has helped to extend my knowledge as well as supporting the work I do.  

I am learning skills for life such as time management, which is important for my future, it allows me to be organised and on time. I am also developing my communications skills as I have had the opportunity to talk professionally to other colleagues, parents and children.  

After I finish in my apprenticeship in April, I will be preparing to go university in September to complete a BA Primary Education degree.’ 

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