Kaylene has completed a Level 3 Teaching Assistant apprenticeship through Inspire ATA. Her  placement was at The Garden School, an outstanding school in the London Borough of Hackney offering education for 4-19 year-olds with highly specialised provision for learners with autism.

In her own words Kaylene reflects on the support received during her apprenticeship placement.

“I received daily check-ins on how I was doing which was good for me because it made me feel I was not in the process by myself. During meetings, there was always a spreadsheet for different charities and numbers/emails to contact if you need support which let me know if I was to ever go through anything I would have the proper parties to go to for help. Also when having to complete my end point assessment my assessor explained to me in such good detail what would be happening and my tutor and I had gone through my toolkit multiple times which helped me feel more prepared.

Before starting my apprenticeship, I lacked confidence in my communication skills and I struggled vocalising things, especially providing my thoughts on things. However, through one one-on-one meetings, I was able to convey what I had learned in my module and link it to my work at my placement. Now I feel so confident to express myself through Makaton or verbally responding.

Having group training sessions with the Inspire team made my journey most enjoyable because I could relate to the others. It was easier for me to express what I had learned while on placement and discuss the challenges I faced.

Being able to see the online chat with notes enabled me to see similar experiences so I knew I wasn’t alone. I had regular check ins with my line manager Jules and she made my experience with Inspire ATA so enjoyable. I always felt supported and could express how my day was either good or bad and know she had my best interest at heart.

If anyone chooses to do an apprenticeship the best advice, I could give them is to appreciate the support given like having a tutor because the support they provide goes a mile and try to attend training that is provided because it gives you opportunities to use what you have learnt when you at your placement to

I would complete an apprenticeship again because the support I received throughout the whole process was wonderful to where I knew I could always go to someone if I needed help.

For more information on apprenticeships through Inspire ATA or flexi-job apprenticeships, please email info@inspire-ata.co.uk.

Teaching Assistant Apprentice Kaylene