Michelle is a Level 5 Learning and Skills Teacher Apprentice. She decided to do a Learning and Skills Teacher Apprenticeship with LMP Education as she saw it as a fantastic CPD opportunity to help define and grow her role. 

Here is Michelle’s apprenticeship journey so far 

“My name is Michelle Gamble, I started my apprenticeship in March 2022 mainly as a result of my annual appraisal and saw this as a fantastic CPD opportunity to help define my role within the E-Rostering team. I have been working in the E-Rostering team for just over 4 years now, starting in Weston where I was the sole person responsible for rolling the rostering system out before joining up with the Bristol E-Rostering team following the merge. We now have an amazing team of 9 who are responsible for building and maintaining the rollout of the system across the whole Trust. 

I have actually been with the Trust for 18 years in total, having started here after my son was born and working as part of the medical records / clinic prep team before moving on to the admin team within the Training department in Weston in 2008. 

Training and Education has always been an interest of mine and when the opportunity to do an apprenticeship arose, I couldn’t wait to take this on.

Whilst working with the training team I completed my basic PTTLS qualification, but this apprenticeship has given me the opportunity to work towards a higher recognised teaching qualification whilst working. This has allowed me to develop my role as E-Rostering Lead Trainer and enhance my skills and as a result I am currently working on a programme of training events to offer out to all end users. 
I currently work 4 days per week in my regular role and spend 1 day a week studying at home with the support of an online training provider. I have regular review sessions with my tutor, but they are always there for advice and guidance should I need it in between. 

The biggest challenge for me was to ring fence my study time and not get sucked into my ‘day job’! I would say this was the biggest struggle for me which, after a few stumbles, I am getting better at. Being an admin-based worker who can work from home it is very easy to get drawn into everyday work when you should be studying so I have learnt to change my team’s status to Do Not Disturb and close my email browser! 

The Apprenticeship team at UHBW have also linked me up with tutors from Weston College, who I am able to observe to give me a more rounded view of teaching adults, both young and old. 
Juggling working and studying can be exhausting so making sure you have downtime is really important I believe if you work hard, you should play hard too!” 

For more information on Learning and Skills Teacher Apprenticeship contact info@lmpeducation.org or click here.


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