Malek, aged 22, has recently completed a digital marketer apprenticeship whilst employed at Dencowear, a workwear supplier based in Leeds. Malek has a strong passion for digital marketing and is determined to enhance his skills and knowledge. He has been promoted to Digital Marketing Executive after achieving a distinction grade in his learning.

Here is Malek’s apprenticeship story:

I chose this apprenticeship programme as my employer thought it would benefit me to help grow in a role that I was very new to and give me the chance to learn new skills and gain more key information about marketing.

I think the main benefits of an apprenticeship programme are to learn more about the role that you are currently in and gain more information to help you grow in your role which will then benefit the company you work at.

Personally, I think the best thing about my role is when you spend time creating new marketing content such as a marketing email or a social media post and then see that the work you put into it paid off when you see high engagement figures on a social media post or if you bring in good revenue through an email.

I have received support from my tutor, Veronique. She was incredibly helpful and consistently available to provide feedback on any work I had completed. Veronique played a significant role in the successful completion of my apprenticeship.

I received a lot of support from my employer Ilan Sherman who always allowed me time to focus on any apprenticeship work that needed completing.

The most important skill that I learnt throughout my apprenticeship is developing an effective marketing strategy. This has been important in my role when promoting new products and making sure I have planned everything out such as marketing campaigns.

In my career progression following my apprenticeship, my intention is to further my growth in my capacity as a digital marketing executive at Dencowear. I aim to continue expanding my knowledge in the realm of e-commerce within the company.

LMP Tutor Veronique Enright added ‘Malek started his Level 3 Digital Marketer Apprenticeship in December 2021. He continued to exceed his manager’s and my expectations and produced some excellent work during his apprenticeship. Malek has outstanding communication skills, and used a variety of tools and platforms, both in his summative portfolio and synoptic project, to achieve outstanding results.

Throughout his summative portfolio, Malek clearly demonstrated his decision-making when it comes to marketing platforms and activities, which is the gold standard of all digital marketers.

The final Interview confirmed that he had a robust approach when it comes to marketing and that he had a huge impact when he was promoted to Digital Marketing Executive.

Malek gave exceptional answers during his End Point Assessment interview, completed a visually immaculate synoptic project, which forms an important part of being an outstanding marketer, and achieved the highest Distinction grade at End Point Assessment.

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