As English and Maths remain key elements for the Apprenticeship Framework, LMP Education provides extra support for learners with initiatives such as the LMP Maths Bootcamp.

In July 2022 one learner, Jess, joined an LMP Maths Assessment bootcamp as she found much of the maths hard. She then explained that she had sat her maths GCSE several times and repeatedly failed. She had then attempted her maths with LMP in February and again unfortunately failed. Jess was desperate to get her maths qualification so she could go on to achieve QTLS.

Onr LMP tutor started to work with Jess in October to give ALS support. We systematically checked through all topics, checking for skills gaps and using our sessions to fill these gaps and build a solid skills basis. We found small issues in topics such as fractions, decimals, percentages and measure which were all leading to small errors that in turn caused larger problem-solving errors. Crucially, we also discovered that Jess didn’t have secure, effective methods for calculating if she didn’t have a calculator. These issues were then affecting her ability to check her answers were sensible and suitable. 

Over the sessions, we worked to rebuild Jess’ confidence and belief in herself. Sessions were related to real life situations where Jess could link the processes. She also ensured that she completed small regular revision sessions, mostly two or three times a day for around 10 minutes a time as she found it less daunting this way.

Recently, Jess sat her last attempt at her maths assessment and in January 2023 found that she had passed with 78%! Well done Jess, we are so proud of you.

Maths Bootcamp