Peareswood Primary School in London is part of the Woodland Academy Trust. The staff members are passionate, creative and help to set the high expectations for the children as they progress through the school.

The team is provided with continued professional development opportunities including training programmes and apprenticeship learning. They have been collaborating with LMP Education to deliver learning and development including the School Business Professional Level 4 apprenticeship programme.

School Business Manager, Jane Percival, commented;

We have been working with LMP Education to deliver training to our staff for a number of years. We have successfully progressed several members of staff using the apprenticeship route. We currently have a member of staff on the school business professional level 4 apprenticeship programme.

The main benefits of using an apprenticeship programme is that staff get to learn on the job and they are supported by a dedicated mentor and LMP tutor. The School Business Professional programme complements my role as you can’t just learn the role of a school business manager by studying, you need some hands-on practical learning too.

The support from the team at LMP Education has been fantastic. Meetings are held regularly with the apprentice and mentor to check everything is on track. Updates are given to encourage the apprentice to be able to complete work given to deadline and to a high standard. There is lots of encouragement from the tutor and the mentor.

I have watched our apprentice develop and thrive in a busy and pressured school environment. She has been able to go above and beyond in her role supporting her school which has made a difference to the Headship team and staff at the school. As she completes her apprenticeship, we can all see huge potential for growth in the role which tends to happen after the end point assessment. Everything begins to make sense and not only are you doing the job, but you are developing within your own role and making the job yours, doing things the way you need them to be done.

My advice to other schools looking at the apprenticeship route would be to just do it. Make sure you can give your apprentice time to complete their qualification with regular time out each week to do this. Choose apprentices that are valuable employees already that you feel you could develop further, that you see potential in them. Meet regularly with the apprentice to see how their course is going and to see if everything is going to plan or if they need further time/support. Be mindful of work/life balance. No one wants to work full time and then work all evenings/weekends on assignments. Be positive about the future and how the qualification will enhance their working status going forward. Apprenticeships really do provide a great solution!

If you would like to find out more about Apprenticeships and how they can work for you and your orgnisation please contact the LMP Apprenticeships team