USP Steels Ltd is a UK leading steel sheet and plate stockholder, based in the heart of the West Midlands.  As a company, they are extremely passionate and motivated for both corporate and individual success. They employ people who want to learn, to succeed and that want to make a difference. The team at USP Steels has partnered with LMP Education to deliver an apprenticeship strategy that is having a really positive impact on the business. 

We caught up with Rebecca Richards who provided an insight into how one of the apprentices, Ethan, is progressing on his apprenticeship programme. 

‘My name is Rebeccas Richards, and I am the Marketing Manager at USP Steels. We have several apprentices employed throughout the organisation but I work closely with digital marketing apprentice Ethan.  

Ethan is a fantastic addition to the USP team. He excels in every task he is set, going above and beyond to deliver immense designs. For someone with such youth, his talent is impeccable. He works well alone and often uses his initiative to create solid collateral for the organisation to utilise. Ethan was tasked with typing up some notes from a meeting we were involved in with our IT team. We needed to create a wish list of ideas for an intranet site, however Ethan showed imagination and determination and designed a prototype intranet site from scratch to be sent to our IT department to begin creation. 

His knowledge in using Canva, Mailchimp and other design tools are fantastic. He takes pride in everything he creates, allowing the business to take pride in what we are publicly sharing. Ethan has learnt design skills, video editing, understanding further how to communicate with our target audience and outsourcing suppliers to advance the visions of the marketing department. 

Having an understanding in a key area. in our circumstances, marketing, helps enhance Ethan’s skillset to further develop and build upon his assets. It allows apprentices the confidence to further enrich their knowledge within their core skill area. 

If you’re considering hiring an apprentice, absolutely go for it! Ethan has been a fantastic asset to USP Steels. LMP regularly communicates with the apprentice which is beneficial for everyone. The monthly contact from the LMP tutors allow for Ethan’s knowledge and experience to be further enhanced with regular recommendations and observations being made on how we can all support and develop Ethan’s role further. 
For the apprentice, real life learning gives them the opportunity to work and learn within a workplace whilst being motivated to learn new skills. For our business, this has been hugely beneficial as we have been able to tailor Ethan’s training and focus to our business needs. This, in turn, has allowed Ethan a more broad and in-depth understanding of marketing, and how this looks and feels within a real-life setting.’ 

Thank you to Rebecca and the team at USP Steels for supporting National Apprenticeship Week 2023. 

If you are interested in finding out more about Apprenticeships with LMP visit or contact to find out more. 

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