Read what it is like for an American intern living and working in London. Written by Brittany Grim, Digital Marketing Intern at LMP Education.

When you hear someone describing studying in another country, you don’t typically associate that with having an Internship abroad. I was fortunate enough to get that opportunity and be a marketing Intern at LMP Education in the past four months.

Attending university at a school in the United States, I had no experience when it came to working in a big city. I truly didn’t know what to expect when starting this Internship but immediately was welcomed into LMP Education with open arms. Everyone took the time to introduce themselves from messages, LinkedIn, emails and in person in the office. They helped make adapting from American work culture to British work culture an incredibly smooth transition. 

What immediately stood out to me was everyone at LMP Education exemplifies the company’s values of having compassion, ensuring equality, being inspiring and taking action. As soon as you meet an employee from LMP these qualities shine through and that’s what I believe makes the organisation so different compared to the rest. 

During my four months with LMP Education, I had been given tasks in marketing, communications, and social media, I gained a whole new perspective on what it’s like to work in the United Kingdom. 

My supervisors and fellow co-workers were consistently pushing me outside of my comfort zone because they knew what I could achieve. I was given the creative freedom to take the lead on several different projects such as our collaboration with The Mayor of London campaign and planning events for the company.

Through the help of all my co-workers, they had taught me about several programs I had never used but that will greatly benefit me in the future. 

Although my time at LMP Education is now coming to an end, I want to thank everyone I’ve met along the way who has helped me grow as an individual and a professional in just a few short months. I know all the skills I’ve learned here will help me significantly in my future career. 

If you have the opportunity to step outside your comfort zone, do not hesitate to take the offer you won’t regret it. 

A big thank you to everyone at LMP Education for supporting me – all the best for the future.