The Teaching Assistant Development Programme (TADP) is a personalised CPD suite of courses designed to support TAs to develop their skills and knowledge.

We are thrilled that LMP Teaching Assistant Zoe Bakewell has completed all 92 TADP courses in less than 12 months. She works in a secondary school and even completed courses on primary education to broaden her knowledge and understanding. Zoe completed all of the CPD courses but particularly enjoyed Understanding Dyslexia, Working with Parents, Step Up Maths and Role of the Key Person.

Zoe commented;

“I wanted to complete all the courses because I like to complete everything! I really enjoyed doing the courses and with a lot of them I was able to reflect back on my own practice. Some courses also gave me broader knowledge of what other members of staff do in a school and how other schools work, for example, primary schools. Doing the courses in relation to primary education also helped me to support my own children with their homework.”

The Teaching Assistant Development Programme is included as part of the LMP Education Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship programme for all learners. It has been developed by Anspear and also available to all teaching professionals through LMP Education for £60 per TA per year.

It offers an exciting and innovative approach to developing TAs and contributes to future career progression, which could include becoming a Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA).

Find out more about TADP here