We are thrilled to announce we have achieved the ‘BEST COMPANIES – 2 STAR OUTSTANDING AWARD.’

This is in recognition of our commitment to workplace excellence with Best Companies, a sought-after industry standard.

A 2 Star accreditation is the second – highest standard of workplace engagement and represents organisations striving for the top. Achieving a 2 Star accreditation takes a BCI score of at least 696.5, made possible only through an ‘outstanding’ commitment to workplace engagement.

The LMP Group, which employs over 160 staff has been certified by Best Companies and recognised for our commitment to employees. The achievement comes after we implemented a number of new initiatives to support staff including a company-wide wellbeing scheme to support mental and physical health, a sustainability development and implementation policy and encouraged work-life balance.

84% of the staff agreed that the leaders of the business run LMP based on sound moral principles and 79% of staff agreed that their job is good for their own personal growth.

LMP Director and Co-Founder Matt Lord said ‘I am very proud that the LMP Group has achieved the Best Companies 2-star accolade. Personally, I love my job and I love working with all the brilliant and passionate people within LMP Group – so a huge thank you to each and every one of you. And a further thank you to all the leaders and mangers within the group, who have obviously made LMP a truly wonderful place to work. THANK YOU!!!

Best Companies has over 20 years’ experience in helping organisations measure and improve employee engagement using a robust methodology, with their accreditation standard certifying excellence in the workplace since 2006.

Read more here https://www.b.co.uk/companies/lmp-group