Your mental health through Ramadan is important. Ramadan, the sacred month in the Islamic calendar, is a period dedicated to spiritual devotion and strengthening one’s connection with God. During this time, individuals engage in self-reflection, pondering the narratives and teachings found in the Qur’an. They also consider how these insights can be applied to their personal lives. For many, Ramadan is eagerly anticipated as a time of deepening faith and renewal.

There are many changes that occur in your life, encompassing fasting, prayer, and devoted study of the Qur’an. Additionally, during Ramadan, you may prioritise spending quality time with family, friends, and their community, engaging in acts of kindness and charitable giving.

These modifications can profoundly impact your well-being. Furthermore, other life events and circumstances may also influence mental health during Ramadan. To fully benefit from this holy month, prioritising self-care is essential.

Various factors can contribute to challenges with mental health. You might be navigating significant life changes, coping with difficult circumstances, or facing mental or physical health issues that impact your overall well-being. During Ramadan, any of these factors could affect you.

Wellbeing Tips in Ramadan

Remember that you’re not alone. Consider seeking support from someone within your mosque community, such as your Imam or a group leader. It’s crucial to confide in someone you trust and feel comfortable opening up to.

To help you recognise and manage your feelings and reflections during Ramadan, it can help to write them down. For example, you might try to write down how different practices make you feel and what you’d like to continue after Ramadan. All you need is a notepad and a pen, or you can take notes on your phone, tablet or computer. 

Additionally, reaching out to a helpline or a therapist, even if they are unfamiliar to you, can provide understanding and assistance during this time.

For more information on how to focus on your wellbeing and mental health, visit Mind (A UK charity supporting mental health through services, advocacy, and awareness).

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