LMP Education is officially launching the new School Staff & Community Wellbeing Champion programme on Tuesday 16th May at 15:30.

This launch webinar is being held via Zoom and it is suitable for anyone within an educational setting who is interested in finding out more about the Wellbeing Champion programme. REGISTRATION LINK HERE

With the release of the DfE Education Wellbeing Charter providing the need for wellbeing and mental health initiatives within schools and colleges, LMP Education will deliver the School Staff & Community Wellbeing Champion Apprenticeship from May 2023.

The School Staff & Community Wellbeing Champion Apprenticeship offers staff within an educational setting the opportunity to learn skills around coaching and counselling to help support colleagues and students.

As part of the new Education Inspection Framework, Ofsted is now shining a spotlight on staff wellbeing. By enrolling a member of your team on this programme you will show commitment to protecting the wellbeing and mental health of those within your workforce and school community.


This course is ideal for staff members who are looking to improve their skills in providing support and feedback through the effective use of coaching and counselling to support all staff, students, their families, and the local community.

By enrolling your staff members on this course to demonstrate that you take staff wellbeing seriously, opening a supportive network for staff to address wellbeing and mental health needs. By being on this programme, your staff member will be able to create a wellbeing strategy leading to a wellbeing-focused culture within your workforce. This recognised qualification is suitable for staff at all levels within your organisation. Anybody in your school can enrol onto this programme and the DFE are encouraging you to sign up to the Education Wellbeing Charter by the end of 2023.

More information https://lmp-group.co.uk/courses/school-wellbeing-champion/

Or email info@lmpeducation.org