As part of our Global Curriculum, we are excited to be hosting a hard-hitting webinar on the subject of mental health.

Steve Whittle is a straight-talking, trailblazing advocate for men’s health, education guru, and marketing project manager.

He’s on a mission to shatter taboos and empower individuals battling mental health challenges. Through Tough To Talk and his relentless drive, Steve is all about tearing down walls, sparking understanding, and ultimately, saving lives.

Get ready for Tough Talks, a game-changing presentation by Tough To Talk (T2T), designed to smash the stigma around men’s issues. This dynamic, interactive session packs a punch with hard-hitting data on the male suicide crisis and unveils actionable solutions for all sectors. Perfect for those looking to champion mental health awareness and support, our talk empowers participants to foster an open, accepting environment for mental health discussions – creating a positive impact on everyone in their spaces.

Join us on Tuesday 18th July, at 4:30pm, for this amazing opportunity!

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