Unlock Success by Retaining Staff in Schools Through Effective People Strategy and Upskilling

Retaining talented staff is crucial for the success and continuity of schools and MATs. A key element in achieving this lies in implementing an effective people strategy that prioritises staff development & progression. By doing this you can ensure staff have the correct skills they need to carry out their current roles as well as having opportunities (and a understanding on how!) to progress.

Below is a closer look at how schools and MATs that we work with at LMP Education are currently retaining their valuable staff through a strategic investment in professional development.

1. Fostering a Culture of Continuous Learning: Creating a culture that values and encourages continuous learning is essential for staff retention. By establishing a commitment to ongoing professional development, schools and MATs show employees that their growth and expertise are highly valued. This commitment fosters loyalty and dedication among staff, as they feel supported in their journey towards mastery and career advancement.

Those that do this well have clear programmes of study, planned developmental days which is communicated well to all staff. Ask yourself, Are all staff aware of the learning that is available to them?

2. Tailored Upskilling Programmes: Developing targeted upskilling programmes that align with both individual and organisational goals is a powerful retention strategy.

We work with schools to identify specific skills gaps or emerging needs within their staff and then offer mostly funded training programmes to address these areas.

This not only enhances the capabilities of the workforce but also demonstrates a commitment to keeping employees abreast of the latest educational trends and methodologies.

We actually see some of our bigger clients creating their own bespoke training programmes which we support them to fund through various streams. Those that do this well do not just focus on teaching staff. They also have programmes in place to develop their support staff also. Lets face it- Without the support staff schools couldn’t run…

3. Recognition and Career Pathways: Staff members are more likely to stay in an organisation where their contributions are recognised and rewarded.

Implementing a clear career progression framework and acknowledging achievements can significantly boost morale. By providing tangible pathways for career advancement within the school or MAT, employees are more likely to invest in their own development, knowing that their efforts will be recognised and rewarded.

Its one thing having a career pathway in place but is it clear and achievable? Again is their a pathway in place for all staff and not just teaching staff. When we put these together for our clients we make sure that we outline exactly what each staff member has to do and we normally link a set of qualifications or in house study programmes that has to be achieved each step of the way.

4. Collaborative Professional Learning Communities: Encouraging the formation of professional learning communities within schools can create a supportive environment for shared knowledge and experiences. Peer-to-peer collaboration can be a powerful tool for upskilling, allowing staff to learn from each other’s strengths and experiences. This collaborative approach fosters a sense of belonging and engagement, making employees more likely to remain committed to the the school, MAT and the programme they have signed up to complete.

When we run provision in schools we always try to encourage a group of staff to start programme together to encourage just this. We would always recommend cohort provision but if you cant release or bring groups of certain staff together have you thought about partnering up with other local schools? By doing this you may also learn from others.

Final thoughts, retaining staff in schools and MATs requires a proactive and strategic approach to people management. By prioritising upskilling initiatives within the framework of an effective people strategy, Schools & MATs can create an environment where employees feel valued, supported, and motivated to contribute their best efforts.

We also know they stay if they feel invested in. 93% of the staff that complete a programme that we run in schools stay and remain in full-time employment within Education with 77% of them staying with the same school.

Ultimately, investing in the growth and development of staff is an investment in the success and longevity of the entire educational community.

My team and I here at LMP Education would be more than happy to share some of the strategies we have up in running in schools & MATs all over England which can support you with all of the above. The best part is the majority of what we do is fundable.

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