Offering work experience to young people can bring many benefits to employers. It can help organisations to build a strong and productive workforce, bring in fresh new ideas whilst giving opportunities to young people who may be considering a career in that industry. 

According to the CBI, 60% of employers say that school leavers lack the skills to succeed in the workplace, yet only 30% of business offer work experience.  

LMP Action specialises in inspiring ambitions and supporting young people, especially those from less advantaged backgrounds.  We partner with many secondary schools as part of the GLA (Greater London Authority) Careers Cluster programme. 

We have worked with companies to provide work experience to young people, including Laing O Rourke, Balfour Beatty VINCI SYSTRA Joint Venture, WizeUp Financial Education, Imperial College London, Bravand, Get Into Law, PwC UK and many more. 

Employer benefits of providing Work Experience  

  1. Knowledge and skills sharing: Employees with knowledge and skills can share these with young people considering a career in this area. Young people may have fresh new ideas which can be exchanged which can drive change. 
  2. Reduced training time and cost: As work experience provides a head start, employees with prior work experience often require less training, which can help to reduce the time and cost associated with training new hires. 
  3. Increased productivity: Experienced employees tend to be more productive and efficient, as they are familiar with the job requirements and have a good understanding of what is expected of them. 
  4. Support Young People: provide a CV enriching experience to help a young person get a head start 
  5. Improved problem-solving: Work experience can help employees to develop problem-solving skills, which can be invaluable in a fast-paced work environment. Experienced employees are often better equipped to handle challenging situations and can help to resolve issues more quickly and effectively. 
  6. Enhanced creativity and innovation: Work experience can help employees to develop creative and innovative solutions to problems, as they have a broader range of experience to draw from. 
  7. Enhance your CSR – build strategic links with local schools to enhance community engagement. You will have access to a diverse pool of talent for future recruiting purposes. 

This year we are looking to engage with employers in the London region who wish to offer work experiences between 26th – 30th June. 

Work Experience involved providing a student with an interesting, 5-day (ideally in person) experience so they can understand more about a business, the industry you are in and help you develop something that can potentially enhance and support your business.  


If you offer work experience, you will be making a difference! You will give a current student an insight into an industry they would not otherwise gain and have a direct impact on employability skills development.  

It is also free! It would be completed by a student on a voluntary basis at no cost to you. The cluster will provide support throughout to ensure that it is hassle-free and flexible to suit your business needs. 

If you are interested in offering a student a short, flexible 5-day work experience opportunity, please complete the short form using the link: or email