As part of our Global Curriculum, we are excited to be hosting a unique and engaging webinar on career growth curated specifically for our apprentices.

Stephen Vaughan is a renowned business and personal development coach, with a proven track record in working with the world’s leading companies and their leadership populations.

His specialism is research, design and delivering development programmes recognising that organisational growth occurs through individuals and teams. He is committed to assisting companies to gain the skills, strategies and knowledge which makes change possible, manageable and profitable.

Stephen’s background is that of Learning and Development, Academics and Professional Sports. He has an extensive working knowledge of the key result functions that are needed to develop high performing business teams and the requirements of each individual involved. His passion for unlocking people’s potential is rooted in his coaching experience and personal achievement at youth, semi-professional, professional and international levels.

Join us on Tuesday 17th October, at 4:00pm, for this amazing opportunity!

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