24 year old Chloe Davies, is an apprentice in Digital Marketing at SJ Dixon & Son, a wallpaper and sundries wholesaler based in Wolverhampton. She recently completed her apprenticeship with a distinction and was grateful that she was able to gain key knowledgeable insights into the business world.

Read about Chloe’s experience as an apprentice in the marketing industry:

“I chose this apprenticeship programme because I wanted to get back into graphic design. I completed it as a GCSE but since I left school, I haven’t done it since. Doing this apprenticeship has helped me to find my love for design all over again. I think one main benefit of an apprenticeship programme is the fact that it gives you an insight to the real world – you get to earn while you learn.

The best thing about my role is that I get to spend my time doing what I love. I get the chance to get my creative juices flowing. I have been supported massively by my tutor Lucas. He explained things in ways where I was able to understand things better. I really appreciate all his guidance on helping me to achieve a distinction.

The most important skill I have learnt is confidence and to trust my gut. If I think something looks good then I shouldn’t second guess myself. I think it’s important to have confidence because your work flows better.”

Chloe will be pursuing a career in graphic design and content creation from this apprenticeship, and we look forward to seeing how she gets on!

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