At 19, Nadia Parveen was unsure of what to do once she finished her college degree. She tried working in retail but didn’t feel it was right for her. Members of her family suggested that she work with children after discovering how well she connected with their children. Torn between taking a step into further education or work, Nadia was eager to find a solution that would please both her and her parents:

“My parents wanted me to study, but I wanted to work. An apprenticeship was the best of both worlds as it let me do both. I’m really happy I decided to do an apprenticeship and I feel like I’m making an actual difference.”

Apprenticeships offer you a range of benefits. Nadia was very happy with her experience at Alexander McLeod Primary School and particularly enjoyed when she would get to work with different age groups:

“I get plenty of opportunities to work with different age groups. I’ve previously worked with children in Reception, Year 1, and Year 3. However, the best thing about my role is getting to witness their development, whether it be their schoolwork or behaviour. It feels amazing to know I’ve made a difference.”

A Teaching Assistant apprenticeship presents you with the opportunity to challenge yourself and reach your potential. We offer plenty of support to ensure that you feel happy and confident throughout your journey:

“I sometimes struggle to manage my time effectively. Inspire ATA is always there to push me to ensure that I meet my assignment deadlines. I know that they want me to succeed and am especially thankful for the support because I know I need it.

You’re always pushing me to make sure I meet assignment deadlines. I know you want to see me succeed so I’m thankful for the support you give me because I know I need it.”

Upon completion of her apprenticeship programme with Inspire ATA, Nadia hopes to join a Teaching Assistant agency and work in different schools:

“I like meeting new people and children. I’d like to experience how other schools work as this will help me develop.”

Nadia Parveen, Teaching Assistant Apprentice

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Inspire ATA is approved by the Department for Education as a Flexi-Job Apprenticeship Agency and is listed on the Register of Flexi-Job Apprenticeship Agencies.