We are delighted that National Apprenticeship Week #NAW2024 was an overwhelming success across the LMP Group.

NAW 2024 took place from the 5th to 11th of February this year and each day we came together to celebrate the value, benefits and opportunities that apprenticeships bring.  

The theme for National Apprenticeship Week 2024 was ‘Skills for Life’. The week was spent reflecting on how apprenticeships can help individuals develop the skills and knowledge required for a rewarding career and help businesses develop a talented workforce that is equipped with skills for the future.

Throughout the week, we took part in various events, hosted webinars and shared inspiring stories for employers, learners, employers, staff and potential apprentices.

The Big Reveal – video launch in collaboration with Oasis Community Learning
The Positive Impact of Apprenticeships within Education https://youtu.be/VQh68500CAg?si=b_A8js-VIQhJrEhq

Employer Tuesday – we shared new case studies including
Tieva Fosters Talent with Apprenticeships https://lmp-group.co.uk/case-studies/tieva-fosters-talent-with-apprenticeships/
Inspire ATA Partnership with Alexander Mc Leod Primary School – https://lmp-group.co.uk/case-studies/inspire-ata-partnership-with-alexander-mcleod-primary-school/
Inspire ATA Partnership with Thomas Bewick School https://lmp-group.co.uk/case-studies/inspire-ata-partnership-with-thomas-bewick-school/

Apprentice Wednesday
A Day in the Life of Rhumel John- Baptiste https://lmp-group.co.uk/case-studies/day-in-the-life-facilities-manager-rhumel/
Maysan Amin https://lmp-group.co.uk/case-studies/day-in-the-life-teaching-assistant/
Alice Congdon https://lmp-group.co.uk/case-studies/day-in-the-life-content-producer/
Nailah Bhegani https://lmp-group.co.uk/case-studies/day-in-the-life-business-admin/
Jamie Herbert https://lmp-group.co.uk/case-studies/day-in-the-life-it-apprentice/
Prosper Elango https://lmp-group.co.uk/case-studies/day-in-the-life-assistant-accountant-prosper/
Mia Ashley https://lmp-group.co.uk/case-studies/day-in-the-life-youth-support-worker-mia/

Candidate Webinar – A Guide to Apprenticeships and Your Career Options https://youtu.be/-pIbZ26NMu8?si=FlitnUkRIrONBbmd

Schools Webinar – Making the Best Use of Apprenticeships within Schools https://youtu.be/jN1vLQUOY_Q?si=Jz4ISWPPfR6M7BrJ

Finance Apprenticeships Webinar in collaboration with AAT – https://youtu.be/NhfbQ6tESN4?si=NMChRNsMvnSli7BY

Early Years Webinar in partnership with London Early Years Foundation – https://youtu.be/NjZzbOOmYkA?si=22IFW1CEMysZmuDp

Saturday and Sunday
NAW Weekender

New video – Team Leader Apprentice Umar Shah https://youtu.be/cTRN1IgUyZU?si=XWucJWvxT4E10d8o

New video – Finance Apprentice Oliver Greensmith https://youtu.be/uLafzle3xnM?si=wXEQwsRPaqd865cI

Kaylene Completes her Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship Case Study https://lmp-group.co.uk/case-studies/kaylene-teaching-assistant-apprenticesh/

Library Apprentice Kane Case Study https://lmp-group.co.uk/case-studies/library-apprentice-kane/

Inspiring Teaching Assistant Molly Case Study https://lmp-group.co.uk/case-studies/inspiring-teaching-assistant-molly/

Making a Difference as a Teaching Assistant Case Study – Olivia Holdcroft https://lmp-group.co.uk/case-studies/making-a-difference-as-a-teaching-assistant/

Apprentice Progression by Paige Cosgrove – https://lmp-group.co.uk/case-studies/apprentice-progression-by-paige-cosgrove/

Thank you to all our learners, clients, employer partners and staff for supporting National Apprenticeship Week 2024. #SkillsForLife