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Course Overview

This level 5 programme is perfect for aspiring leaders tailored for Senior Practitioners, Room Leaders and Deputy Managers. This work-based training programme is for practitioners with some leadership responsibilities within their setting. Working directly with children, skilfully leading day to day practice

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Apprenticeship level

Level 5 higher

Typical duration

26 months

Training method

Portfolio observation



EPA Organisation


Working directly with children, skillfully leading day to day practice at an operational level. As active practitioners they are effective role models of play based learning, supporting others to develop their own practice.

Senior Key Worker, Senior Practitioner, Specialist Practitioner in Child Development (health), Community Nursery Nurse

Assistant Manager, Baby Room Leader, Deputy Manager, Early Years Coordinator, Early Years Foundation Stage Lead, or Co-ordinator Early Years Officer.

Receive 10 certificates typically including Commuincating with others at work, Mental health awareness, Understanding stress, ICT for employment, developing behaviours and attitudes for life and work (essentials)

Working directly with children, skillfully leading day to day practice at an operational level. As active practitioners they are effective role models of play based learning, supporting others to develop their own practice.

What to expect from LMP Education

  • Dedicated account management and recruitment
  • Leading nationwide apprenticeship training provider
  • Specialists in the education, training and business sectors
  • Delivering vibrant, engaging learning for all learners
  • Blended and remote teaching and learning
  • Tailored learning plans for each individual
  • Experienced tutors and delivery support team
  • Designated safeguarding officers, policies and procedures
Early Years Lead Practitioner Apprenticeship


  • Ethical and rights-based approaches to support the child, listening to the child’s authentic voice within their social and cultural context enabling advocacy for the child and their individual journey, developing high quality childcare environments that are continuously evaluated.
  • How individual children learn and develop from conception to 8 years in relation to typical and atypical neurological, cognitive, social, emotional, behavioural, communication and physical development within the social, cultural context and the impact of this on their future.
  • Factors that have an impact upon health, well-being and early learning that can affect children from conception to 8 years.
  • Current and contemporary schools of thought to enable respectful and nurturing personal care.
  • Current and emerging theories of attachment and how these relate to promoting relationships effectively such as the key person approach.
  • Theories of self-regulation, resilience and well-being and the impact of adverse early childhood experiences.

  • Analyse and articulate how all children’s individual learning can be affected by their current developmental capabilities, characteristics and individual circumstances taking into account all factors contributing to typical and atypical development.
  • Observe, assess, plan, facilitate and participate in play opportunities which include current curriculum requirements.
  • Provide a dynamic, evolving and enabling environment that reflects the current interests, motivations, and play of individual and groups of children.
  • Encourage all children’s participation, ensuring a sensitive, respectful and effective balance within the adult and child dynamic to facilitate play opportunities.
  • Engage in effective strategies to develop and extend children's learning and thinking, including sustained shared thinking.

  • Ethical, fair, consistent and impartial, valuing equality and diversity at all times within professional boundaries.
  • Leaderful and motivating through consistent modelling of innovative and aspirational practice to other colleagues.
  • Authentic and fun, demonstrating playful practice through animated and expressive play and quality interactions with children.

  • Recognised Qualification.
  • Access to a LMP Tutor providing 1-2-1 support throughout your apprenticeship.
  • Early Years Lead Practitioner Apprenticeship, provides a pathway to career progression with opportunities for advancements within the company or industry upon completion.


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